May 6, 2016 treatmintbox

We are beyond thrilled to tell you about our new partnership with LIVESTRONG! Today we released a limited edition BraveBox™ that will give back 100% of the profits to support LIVESTRONG’s programs for cancer survivors.

We believe that the fight never ends and that attitude is everything. That’s the bedrock of what LIVESTRONG does and that’s the reason we created BraveBox™.

During Kimberly’s cancer fight, LIVESTRONG gave her hope that she would one day be cancer free and living a strong life. Once she was in remission, she was able visit the LIVESTRONG headquarters in Austin, Texas. “They have a wall in their office that has their motto on it. I remember just reading the first two sentences: ‘We believe in life. Your life.’ I found it so powerful.”

That motto really encompasses the reason why LIVESTRONG does what they do. It’s about supporting survivors wherever they are in their cancer diagnosis. During our visit to their headquarters, we learned about their helpful programs and patient navigation services. Navigators are free advocates that can help you with many day-to-day problems such as financial and insurance counseling to emotional support. It’s a remarkable tool that helps survivors in all facets of their lives.

Another program that LIVESTRONG offers is LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, which Kimberly took part in after her remission. This program offers free-to-low-cost fitness training for ANY survivor. How awesome is that! “They really helped me get my strength back after cancer. I didn’t realize how much support I would need and they were so supportive,” said Kimberly.

From their patient navigators to LIVESTRONG at the YMCA to the upcoming LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes at the Dell Medical School, everyday they are fighting for survivors and that’s what we love about them. They are there with you starting at diagnosis. Their programs touch lives; to them, survivors are not just numbers, but real people battling cancer every day. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to partner. We want to be a part of supporting an organization that provides real change in the lives of survivors.

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